Special Projects - Aero-Industrial
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Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision.

Independent and co-development collaboration that works with the SEDI-National Airport Development Program, local Airport Commision & Community Economic Development, Aero Industry and Enterprise; may also work with other industries and entities, public and private.

Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. - SEDI-Special Projects Idea proposal
1. Proposed independent and/or integrated projects,
2. Potential entity/capital structure for runway repaving & hangar building(s);
3. debt/equity, Serial bond, convertible bond, zero debt, zero interest capital options;
4. SEDI-Advanced Projects, integrated aero-industrial hangar construction projects
5. SEDI-and related enterprise operations & administration,
6. Applied and experimental design engineering R & D, prototype, scale models,
7. Specific aerospace technology demonstration - R & D;
8. Marketing, promotion, investment, sales, acquisition, deployment
9. Custom build, manufacturing, certification & production
9. Enterprise optimization, facilities, personnel, capabilities, resources,
10. OEM, co-development, product technology integration, synergy, optimization
11. Airport and non airport, rural and community aero-industrial infrastructure: *
(*includes land acquisition, buy & lease to build, operate, enterprise)
12. Enterprise and Airport Strategic Plan and Business Plan collaboration

strategic-enterprise.ca - individual creative imagination is visionary


strategic-enterprise.ca - individual creative imagination is visionary