Special Projects - Aero-Industrial
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Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision.

Canada's premier and pre-eminent private equity infrastructure and resource base dedicated to aerospace enterprise development, total supply chain logistics, and airport development with financial and non financial, equity investment and non investment capital accounts, with a massive array of securities options to invest, develop, build and deploy, outstanding asset protection, involved in leading edge civil aviation and defence technology in conventional and advanced aerospace technology development programs. Originally created by Capital Vault Incorporated - Advanced Projects and transformed into Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

Independent and co-development collaboration that works with the SEDI-National Airport Development Program, local Airport Commision & Community Economic Development, Aero Industry and Enterprise; may also work with other industries and entities, public and private.

Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. - SEDI-Special Projects Idea proposal
1. Proposed independent and/or integrated projects,
2. Potential entity/capital structure for runway repaving & hangar building(s);
3. debt/equity, Serial bond, convertible bond, zero debt, zero interest capital options;
4. SEDI-Advanced Projects, integrated aero-industrial hangar construction projects
5. SEDI-and related enterprise operations & administration,
6. Applied and experimental design engineering R & D, prototype, scale models,
7. Specific aerospace technology demonstration - R & D;
8. Marketing, promotion, investment, sales, acquisition, deployment
9. Custom build, manufacturing, certification & production
9. Enterprise optimization, facilities, personnel, capabilities, resources,
10. OEM, co-development, product technology integration, synergy, optimization
11. Airport and non airport, rural and community aero-industrial infrastructure: *
(*includes land acquisition, buy & lease to build, operate, enterprise)
12. Enterprise and Airport Strategic Plan and Business Plan collaboration

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strategic-enterprise.ca - individual creative imagination is visionary