Special Projects - Space Industry & Technology Program
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Space Agency & Mission Technology & Logistics Options

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision.

Space technology innovation, to design, build and operate space craft
space mission logistics, technology & infrastructure continuum
leading edge state of the art and science flagship technology
Industrial Competitiveness & strategic co-operative technology
Innovative Investment, business combinations, enterprise

advanced satellite communication, navigation, mapping
intelligence, surveillance, reconnaisance, special missions
space object tracking & cleanup of space junk

GEO & medium earth orbit search and rescue (meosar) satellite network
integrated independent emergency beacon logistics
space based radar, telescopes and much more

Canadian Space Agency - Canadian Space Program
Technology & Capabilities Demonstration & Scientific Missions,
Advanced Projects, Custom Build and Special Projects Missions
create, enable, augment and amplify long term
Other space agencies and aerospace associations

Amplified with the alternate reality creation engine…

The SEDI Advanced Projects & SEDI Exponential Projects

The SEDI Space Industry and Technology Program & Account
The SEDI space time continuum is awesome!!!

Unified purpose, vision and values is a super power, right?

The Arsenal of Democracy is enabled…


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