Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. - Intro Forward

Our Future is visionary, we are pro-active and empowered
with unlimited creative imagination directed towards our Mission.

Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. is based on the original pioneering work of :

Capital Vault Incorporated - CVIx Advanced Projects

It is a component of the alternate reality creation engine.

We can predict Our Future, because we are creating it.

This is a nationalist endeavour based on fundamental freedoms,
True Values, Peace, Order and Good Government.

It is about Made in Canada strategic enterprise.

The Advanced Projects renders the status quo obsolete,
with a bold strategic enterprise vision,
high quality and high performance
technology, products and services
to transform thought into reality
and build the most awesome Canadian Century.

The Exponential Projects are what a pro-Canadian government could do,
but evidently only a visionary pro-active intelligent patriotism can do it…

The Special Projects are awesome, dynamic co-operative endeavours,
with "as real as it gets" practical and relevant options
for community, industry, enterprise and people,
capitalizing on a comprehensive integrated infrastructure,
with capabilities and people with a vision of an alternate future.
The future we can have by powerful freedom of choice…

National, Civil, Industrial, Economic, Cultural and Community Defence

All made possible with…

Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

"Everything else is obsolete!"

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…